About Us

With over 50 years of experience, Camerapix is one of the oldest and most qualified production houses in Africa, and its television crews and photographers have extensively covered nearly every country on the continent. Through its founder, legendary photojournalist and cameraman Mohamed Amin, Camerapix has covered every major humanitarian disaster, conflict and success in Africa over the past five decades and has been a positive force of change for Africa in many areas, including helping to re-write the history of famine relief and NGO involvement in Ethiopia in 1984.

Why Choose us

With our headquarters in Nairobi, satellite offices in London and partners in Milwaukee, Camerapix has harnessed the best technological and humanitarian resources available.

Given our talented personnel and technical abilities we can serve the needs of any client, from news and features, to quick classy commercials, to full- length documentaries and promotional videos.

In addition, to its television production capabilities, Camerapix owns arguably Africa’s most comprehensive television and stills library. It traces five decades of African history which includes over 450,000 minutes of footage and some 3 million images. Images and footage from Camerapix’s unique library bring an extra visual edge to its productions that cannot be found anywhere else.

Your Advantage

Our company has held firmly to the idea that Africans must tell their own story. Our proud record in nurturing local filmmakers and covering the continent’s stories demonstrates our commitment to producing reports, features and films that concern the continent and our people.

We have been at the forefront in productions that tackle the real issues such as corruption, education, human rights, culture, environmental protection, health and development.